Wife comes up with perfect Christmas gift for mother-in-law: ‘I’m giving her son back’

Every year, the struggle is real. How is anyone supposed to know what to get their mother-in-law for Christmas? 

TikToker @chew_becca87 came up with the perfect gift idea. While it might be a little controversial, you’d be surprised at how many wives agree.

The next time you’re unsure about what to get your husband’s mother, you may want to take @chew_becca87’s advice.

“Are you struggling to choose the perfect gift for your mother-in-law?” she said in a video. 

The video was set up like an infomercial. A woman looked down at a gift box completely stumped. Then she finally made the realization — just return her husband. 

“This year, to show my mother-in-law how much I really care about her, I’m giving her…her son back. Merry Christmas, Susan!” @chew_becca87 said. 

Then, she cut to a shot of her husband completely covered in gift wrap. 

“(Christmas gifts non-refundable)” she added in the caption. 

The video received over 656,000 views. People thought it was hilarious. Some women were even eager to return their husbands.  

“[My mother-in-law is] dead, but I’m still considering it,” one user joked

“Be careful — she might re-gift it back to you for your birthday,” another said

“I try that every year. It doesn’t work,” someone said. To which @chew_becca87 replied, “Well, I’m not giving a receipt. I’ll just leave him on the doorstep.” 

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