Personal assistant to the famous Love Witch of Salem reveals a day in her life, and WitchTok is obsessed

When personal assistants dish about their jobs, they usually vent about all the crazy things their boss asks them to do or the most nightmarish employers they’ve ever had to work for. But one TikToker says she absolutely loves her job as a PA, which involves working for the famous Love Witch, Miss Lorelei.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Miss Lorelei owns Crow Haven Corner, the oldest Witch Shop in Salem, Mass. Her store is something of a landmark in Salem, where customers can shop for books on the occult, herbs, crystals and other magical goodies.

But the biggest draw, of course, is Miss Lorelei herself, who also happens to be a Love Clairvoyant who does psychic readings and casts “love spells” for clients. (She even appeared on an episode of The Bachelor last year!)

Miss Lorelei’s new assistant, who goes by G (@ceoofhotmoms), claims that working for her is “the most fun I’ve ever had,” which is what recently inspired her to make a “Day in the Life” TikTok showing others what it’s like to work at Crow Haven. (“Because every day is like a f****** movie,” she says in the clip.)

Other people found it fascinating, too, and now the post has well over 2.6 million views.


welcome to a #dayinmylife working for @Lorelei 🔮 I guess I’m hoping this finds #witchtok or maybe #personalassistant life? Either way it’s the coolest job ever lol #GenshinImpact34

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G’s daily tasks include a few mundane things, like picking up coffee for her boss and moving Miss Lorelei’s cars, which G says are “worth more than me.” She also can’t avoid doing paperwork, like most assistants.

That said, working inside the shop — with its Spell Bar, Tarot Card reading corner and other fun features — makes everything much more fun.

“Imagine doing paperwork in a room full of crystal balls,” G says at one point in the clip.

Working for a fun boss is probably the biggest bonus, though. (It’s no wonder G refers to Miss Lorelei as a “bomb a** b****.”)

Later in the clip, G says she and Miss Lorelei played with the dogs (who come to work with her) and filmed some TikTok videos for the store’s official account page. After that, it was pretty much time to go.

After G’s video went viral, many people asked her to share more about her story, including how she became Miss Lorelei’s assistant in the first place.


Replying to @a_peanutbutterfiend short version on how I became @crowhavencorner’s assistant #witchtok #FastTwitchContest #GenshinImpact34 #witchesoftiktok #witchesofsalem #crowhavencorner

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In one follow-up video, she explains that she has visited the store many times and even got a love reading from Miss Lorelei several years ago. While she used to work in marketing research, G eventually left the corporate world to become a personal assistant to a man. But as that job was winding down, she saw a post from Miss Lorelei, who was looking for an assistant herself.

“So I called her and told her that she’s an icon and that I would do anything to work for her and she hired me!” G recalled.

Since going viral, G has posted other “Day in the Life” posts, too.

Some show her traipsing all over Salem to get Miss Lorelei iced coffee and false vegan eyelashes.

In others, she shows the reality of “admin days,” which involve a lot of paperwork and prep — especially now that the store is getting a makeover.

The videos have become so popular that people even ask for jobs in the comments.

“are you guys hiring?” one person asked. “ive been going to her store since i was a kid i would absolutely love to help in any way i can.”

The videos are fun to watch, especially since it’s clear that Lorelei and G have a great connection and a fun work atmosphere.

The videos have even helped bring in more customers, which has been great for business. (According to G, several people have recognized her from her TikTok account.)

When G posted her first video, she hoped it would somehow find its way onto #WitchTok or #PersonalAssistantLife. It’s safe to say that she met her goal — and then some.

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