Personal care brand tells women to stop apologizing for the way they look on Zoom

A personal care brand shared an important message that has since gone viral on social media.

On May 12, Billie, a manufacturer of razors for women, posted a 1-minute Instagram video imploring women to stop apologizing for the way they look on the video conferencing platform Zoom. The footage features a compilation of videos from mostly women who critique their own looks and apologize for their appearance on camera.

“I literally look like a labradoodle,” one woman says.

“Seriously, the phone won’t unlock with my face,” another quips.

As the video continues, a message reads, “What if we stopped apologizing for looking like ourselves?”

“A lot of time spent on Zoom = a lot of looking at ourselves = a lot of knee jerk apologies for how we look,” the company wrote in the video’s caption. “Sorry for my bags! my roots! my grays! You name it, we’ve apologized for it. But when we say sorry for that stuff, aren’t we really just apologizing for looking like… ourselves?”

Since it was posted, the footage has received nearly 4,000 likes and plenty of supportive comments.

“I’m obsessed,” one person wrote. “Huge shoutout to everyone on the creative and production teams behind this one. Gonna go order [right now.]”

“So good guys,” another wrote. “Topical, contemporary and relatable with its honesty. Bless your creatives & copywriters.”

In an interview with Today Style, Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley said her team came out with the video after members found themselves constantly apologizing for the way they looked while working from home.

“Studies find that women apologize more than men because we have a lower threshold for what constitutes ‘offensive behavior,'” she said. “While it shouldn’t be the case, it seems not looking ‘put-together’ warrants more of an apology from women than it does from men. We’re all guilty of apologizing for how we look every now and then, but we’re hoping to actively change that mentality.”

Noting that Zoom has become somewhat of a mirror in its own right, Gooley said that filming the video has helped many of her colleagues feel comfortable in their own skin. Now, she hopes others feel the same way.

“We’ve found ourselves turning on our camera without as much hesitation, embracing feeling like an occasional mess and spending less time explaining why we haven’t showered,” she said. “To us, this film will be a success if women start to catch themselves before instinctively apologizing for the way they look.”

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