Pet cockatiel loves to knock everything off of the table

Puk the Borb is the coolest bird on Instagram.

Puk’s account is told from the 10-year-old cockatiel’s perspective. You can expect snarky commentary from the bird, like using poop as revenge, his take on the Dolly Parton challenge and, much like any self-obsessed bird would, portrayals of himself as fine art

But one of Puk’s most delightful quirks is his penchant for knocking things over. The cockatiel has booted so many things off so many tables, there’s a compilation of it

“Let this be the best 43 seconds of your hooman life,” the caption reads

In the video, Puk launches several glass cups, a bowl, a water bottle, a wrapper and a carton off the edge of a table. The bird seemingly does it just for the heck of it. Not a modicum of remorse to be found.

The clip racked up over 45,000. Most users found Puk’s chaotic joy to be nothing short of charming. 

“And here I thought our birb was crazy!” one user wrote

“I think that he is saying: I destroy everything,” another wrote.  

“How do the glasses not break? I get so scared waiting for them to shatter,” one person said

Cockatiels tend to hit objects with their beaks or throw them for multiple reasons. Sometimes it’s to get the attention of their owners or simply because they’re bored. Males like Puk often do so to mark their territory. Overall, cockatiels are just very curious and playful. They’re likely to turn everyday objects into toys for their own amusement. 

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