Pet owner slams friend over her ‘awful’ decision while taking care of her pets: ‘Grounds for a friendship breakup’

A woman wants to end a friendship over a pet-sitting incident.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. While she was on vacation for about a week, her best friend was supposed to tend to her cat and bunny. However, on the day she was returning home, she got a message from the friend saying they got sick and never cared for the animals. 

“I have a bunny and a cat. I left food/water for the cat, but the bunny eats mostly foliage and needs time/space to jump around,” the woman wrote. “Our vacation was from Sunday to Friday. My friend said she would come over Tuesday to let the bunny out for a bit, refill water (she spills it all the time) and feed it foliage. I gave her all the details and my daughter made little videos on how to open the cage, how to open the lockbox, she even meal-prepped the foliage in the fridge for the bunny.”

However, the friend didn’t fulfill their part of the bargain. Now the pet owner is furious.

“Upon leaving to head home from vacation I got a text from my friend that said, ‘I have been so sick since Sunday, just letting you know. Today I’m barely getting to move out of bed. Not COVID-19 but another sinus infection.’ I’m not mad that she got sick… I am LIVID that she has every member of my household’s phone number and she didn’t bother to communicate this information to me until today. Would a sinus infection last five days and lay you out so badly that you can’t make a phone call? I’ve never had one, she said she’s had 101-degree Fahrenheit fever and can only look at the phone with one eye and has been sleeping all day for the last week? I want to end our friendship over this (she’s my best friend). My animals are fine, I just came home to a very lethargic and thirsty bunny,” the Reddit poster explained

People thought the pet owner was justified for feeling upset.

“This is awful,” one user commented.

“Grounds for a friendship breakup,” another said.

“If I were you, she would be cut off from my life forever,” someone added.

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