Pet robot has wide range of feelings and a ‘unique personality’

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot cuter with Moflin, an AI pet robot that behaves like a real animal.

The gray, little fluff ball has got some serious tech inside of it. Moflin is built with emotional capabilities just like real animals. The tiny robot squeaks, moves and nuzzles humans as if it was a regular domesticated pet.

“We took a nature-inspired approach and developed a unique algorithm that allows Moflin to learn and grow by constantly using its interactions to determine patterns and evaluate its surroundings from its sensors,” the Kickstarter states.

When you interact with it, Moflin selects from an “infinite number of mobile and sound pattern combinations” to respond with emotions as complex as a real living thing. Moflin can react with dual feelings, like “calm and lethargic,” “happy and excited,” or “stressed and anxious.” That means its personality depends on the environment and its owner’s behavior.

“We have an AI pet that will evolve and develop its own unique personality. We believe technology that realizes concepts and improves everyday life, has emotional value,” the Kickstarter states.

The Moflin Kickstarter has several weeks left in the campaign, but the project has raised over $89,000 on a modest goal of $18,871.

Technology feat aside, Moflin’s real purpose is to provide everyday comfort to adults and children. With many people self-isolating, now might be the perfect time for a low-maintenance friend.

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