Pet owner ‘depressed’ after groomer gives dog a ‘terrifying’ haircut

We’ve all had a bad haircut, right?

What about a haircut so bad it’s been liked more than half a million times on the internet?

Twitter user @realburtiis shared a now-viral post that has more than 500,000 likes and 94,000 retweets.

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“Count your f***ing days petsmart,” he wrote.

According to his follow-up post, the dog apparently belongs to his sister, who he said is “depressed” over the new ‘do.

Commenters had quite a few things to say in response to that “after” photo.

“Lol I just know that face she making came from seeing her reflection, that poor baby know she look bout crazy asf now,” one user said.

“Terrifying,” another wrote.

Even Grammy winner Missy Elliot chimed in.

“Now why they do that baby like dat smh Now w dats not eeeen right,” she said.

The dog was compared to Granny from Ice Age and the chicken from Moana.

A few Twitter users defended the groomer.

“Customers like you are why a lot of private shops are just straight up not accepting doodles anymore,” one wrote. “People don’t take care of them properly and then plaster pictures like this on the internet blaming the groomer.”

“Yes but groomers aren’t miracle workers. If they couldn’t do what she wanted they should’ve told her,” another said. “My groomers don’t do this without signed permission. PetSmart is bottom-level groomers so when people complain it’s like you get what you pay for.”

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