Woman paints her house ‘petty purple’ despite neighbors’ complaints

When it comes to home design, a lot of it is subjective. What one person absolutely loves in their home might make someone else cringe. And what some may say is “ugly” could actually be pretty on-trend at the moment.

But the bottom line is this: Whatever you want your home to look like is your business and no one else’s.

A Louisiana woman is currently reminding TikTok of that after sharing the story of what happened when she decided to paint her house a new color.

“So I’m painting my house, the exterior, and I heard my neighbors talking sh*t about the house color that I chose,” shared TikTok user @madartzt in the video.

Apparently, one said to the other, “Oh, that’s some color they chose. Sorry you gotta look at it, ugh.”

According to @madartzt, she chose a “gorgeous New Orleans purple” for the exterior because she loves the color purple and felt it suited the house since she lives in Louisiana. It also happens to be the same color as her hair and makes her feel happy.

After hearing her neighbor’s comments, she decided to double down on the decision.

“Because I’m petty, I went to the store and decided that I’m also gonna give my house a lavender trim to go with it,” the TikToker shared.

“Look, I’m an adult, and I will paint my SIM house whatever color suits me,” she continued. “Whatever color sparks joy. Whatever color makes me forget about all the cruelties of the world. And if anyone says anything, literally just don’t — like, paint your house whatever color [you want]. If you’re boring, just say so.”

In the comments, people applauded the TikToker’s so-called pettiness and even complimented her on her color choice.

“That color is GORGEOUS!!!” one person wrote. “I bet your house is badass!”

“Purple is a superior color,” assured someone else. “Plus [it] doesn’t have to make them happy it’s YOUR house.”

“there is a house on my street that’s dark purple with lavender trim and it’s so pretty,” another commenter shared.

But believe it or not, one commenter shared that she recently saw the house shaming continue online.

“someone actually posted your house in a Facebook group I’m in called ‘architecture shaming’ ad people FLAMED them for not appreciating purple,” one person shared.

In later videos, @madartzt gave updates about how the house painting project was going, as well as some plans she has for the future.

She’s also taken viewers inside her house to show how her eclectic style continues from room to room.

Each time, she’s received a ton of supportive comments from people who love her style and bold design choices.

“OMG your house is such a VIBE and so is your ENERGY,” one person wrote.

“My kinda house,” added someone else.


Replying to @magmell_ie @madartzt Don’t have somthing nice to say? Then don’t say anything. #purplehouse #purplehouse👑 #housepainting #pettytiktok #pettytok #dontbeboring #simhouse

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In all of her follow-ups, @madartzt makes it clear that she doesn’t let the negative comments bum her out too much because she’s focused on creating a house that she loves. But she does wish people would be kinder in general.

“There are a few things that I would like to leave behind in 2022, and I’m going to go over a golden rule,” the TikToker says in one of her updates. “And that golden rule is that if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it.”

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