Woman takes ‘petty’ revenge on boyfriend’s friend during Secret Santa gift exchange

The devil works hard, but scorned women work harder.

As much as we women hate to admit it, most of us have a slew of apps that track who follows (and, more importantly, unfollows) us on all the most important social media apps. And if you get caught unfollowing us? Well, let’s just say that you’d better watch your back.

Recently, TikTok user Anna Birmingham shared how she took revenge on one of her boyfriend’s friends after he unfollowed her on Instagram.

This year, Birmingham was invited to participate in her boyfriend’s friend group’s Secret Santa gift exchange. She said that she gets along well with most of his friends, though one friend “hurt [her] feelings a little bit” by unfollowing her on Instagram.

“Now I know this is really stupid, but to me, the message that sends is, I don’t like you, I don’t care about your life, and the mere sight of your photos makes me sick,” she explained. (Yes, she knows she’s “really freaking petty.” That’s not the point.)

Well, as fate would have it, Birmingham ended up drawing this specific friend’s name for Secret Santa. Being the “petty” person she is, she decided to get him something “very nice” with “a little splash of petty”: a Christmas card that “cordially invites” him to refollow Birmingham on Instagram.

Many people related to Birmingham’s anxiety over the unfollow.

“I am you,” one person said. “I agree with the meaning of the unfollow and would totally do this too.”

“I mean … who unfollows someone that is close to a good friend of your significant!!!” another added. “Unless it’s someone who wants to CREATE drama! Proud of you girl!!”

Others didn’t totally understand why Birmingham cared so much about who followed her.

“It’s not a big deal that he unfollowed you,” one user wrote. “Don’t worry about what other people do. You take things too personally honestly.”

“It just shows your deep insecurity,” another added. “Everyone doesn’t need to like you, and you shouldn’t care.”

In a follow-up video, Birmingham clarified that the card was just a joke, and she did get her boyfriend’s friend a real Secret Santa gift.

“It’s not that deep. The card was a lighthearted joke,” she explained. “I’m very aware that social media isn’t everything, which is why I am clearly exaggerating and making a joke.”

Birmingham explained that her boyfriend’s friend unfollowed her during the election since they don’t share the same political beliefs. Sadly, he has not followed her back yet, but she did clarify in the comments that “he said he would consider it.” Progress!

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