Mom reveals what phone calls are like after having babies: ‘Let me talk to the baby’

This mom on TikTok showed what phone calls are like after having babies, and it’s too cute for words!

TikToker Alondra Jackson (@alondra.leneisha) is a content creator and busy mom who often posts videos featuring her twin baby daughters. Recently, Jackson shared a video depicting what phone calls are like since she’s had babies, and it’s equal parts adorable and hilarious.

The clip, titled, “Phone calls after having a baby,” begins with a shot of Jackson, wearing a pink sports bra and looking off-camera, while audio from Zhaquice Hendrix’s (@zhaquice_) TikTok video plays over the footage. 

The sound of a phone ringing trills in the background, and Jackson looks at the camera as if she were answering a FaceTime call. 

“Yo, let me tell you how…,” Jackson lip syncs before a woman’s voice on the other line interrupts her and says, “Yo, put the baby on the phone. Let me talk to the baby.”

Jackson, looking slightly taken aback, turns to face the camera, revealing that she’s holding her adorable twin daughters. 

“Oh, that was rude,” Jackson lip-syncs as she holds her babies closer to the camera. “Hiii pretty baby! Hiiii,” the woman’s voice on the other end coos as the babies, decked out in matching onesies and bow headbands, smile with delight at the camera

Jackson, trying to continue the conversation, faces the camera, lip-syncing, “So I was telling you…,” before she’s once again interrupted by the other voice, demanding, “I said put the baby, put the baby, put the baby back on the phone.”

A baffled-looking Jackson slowly holds the babies closer to the camera as the video closes with more cooing from the voice on the other line. 

Viewers seemed to agree with the caller and took to the comments to gush over Jackson’s twins

“Lmfao, why am I talking to them like they can see me?” joked one user. 

“It’s the smile and teeth for me,” one TikToker mentioned. 

“No disrespect, but I would too… look at those smiles. They look like happy girls,” raved another viewer. 

While the babies are undoubtedly precious, Jackson’s video is a humorous way of showing that parents need attention too.

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