Photographer reveals ‘brilliant,’ cheap hack for cooler photos

With the popularity of photography apps like Instagram and Snapchat, taking great pictures with your phone feels like it is basically a necessity these days.

Luckily one photographer, Amthel Al-Dayni, is making it easier for regular people to pick up some serious skills. Al-Dayni is known for his macro photography, including his super close-up images capture ladybugs landing on leaves, mushrooms illuminated in fog and ants drinking on water droplets.

Al-Dayni showed one of the techniques he uses to get these high-quality images. 

“You can do this today! You might think you can’t … but everyone can do it with a smartphone camera and a macro lens or a DSLR!” he wrote in the caption. 

He set up two cans about a foot apart. Then he placed a glass on top of each can and used a piece of packaging tape to connect the two stacks. He sprayed the tape with water to create droplets and then he placed an image of a sunflower underneath the tape.

Al-Dayni took a photo of the droplets above the sunflower and the final photo he produced was stunning. There were hundreds of small water droplets and each contained a reflection of the bright yellow flower inside.

The tutorial received over 574,000 likes on Instagram

“That’s so brilliant!” one person commented

“Fantastic as always,” another said

“You keep hitting me with fire shots,” someone added

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