Woman’s viral ‘photobombing’ attempt sparks internet debate on ‘boundaries’

Is “photobombing” still funny? A woman on Twitter shared a viral post that sparked a dramatic debate on the internet-famous prank.

The photobombing drama began when one Twitter user, Sidné, shared a photo of her during a night out in which a young woman had jumped into the frame making a silly face.

“Ima let you get your moment like you wanted, baby girl,” Sidné wrote. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Sidné shared the tweet in good humor, stating that she did not feel disrespected by the photobomber. However, some Twitter users did not agree with Sidné’s decision to post the photobomber in a bad light and were upset by the caption’s tone.

“I didn’t know people got heated over a photo bomb,” a Twitter user replied. “Ig it’s rude when you don’t know the person, but still, you can just crop, lol.”

“The girl was being goofy and photobombed your pic, but you and the comments [are] dragging her,” another responded. “I’m convinced some of y’all are miserable and don’t know how to have fun in life.”

The drama became so intense that it quickly spread to other social media apps, including TikTok. User @amandapleeze shared this video to defend Sidné.


LMAOOOO like yall mad at sis for posting the photo nobody asked this girl to be in ? #fyp #foryou #amadapleeze

♬ original sound – I Must Meet Amanda!!

@amandapleeze believes Sidné was justified in sharing the picture and did not deserve to be attacked on Twitter. Lighthearted pranks like photobombing are acceptable between friends but can be an annoyance when they come from strangers, she argued.

“Yall gotta understand that sometimes everybody’s not playing all the time!” @amandapleeze said. “If I don’t know you like that and I’m trying to take photos, and you f***in’ it up and doing dumb s*** like this, I’m gonna be mad too!”

Most TikTok users agreed with @amandapleeze’s mentality on photobombing strangers, finding the prank more rude than funny.

“It ain’t even funny to begin with… why she go in another person’s photo to begin withhhh?” a TikToker commented.

“I don’t like when people photobomb me either, it shows their lack of boundaries for others,” another said.

“It’s her photo. It’s her decision to post or not. If the photo bomber doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t have photobombed,” someone chimed in.

Other TikTokers did not see photobombing as a severe offense, and respected Sidné for making light of the situation.

“Photobombing is funny ig but what’s funnier is her posting it LMAOOOO,” a TikTok user commented.

“You think it’s funny to photobomb, I think it’s funny to post it. Now we both hilarious,” another wrote.

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