Photographer ‘panics’ after couple’s wedding photos get erased: ‘I sat there and I cried’

A wedding photographer shared the “worst thing” that could happen on the job — and it was even worse for the bride and groom. 

Justin Gummow posted a somber TikTok storytime in hopes of helping any photographers in the same predicament. After shooting a wedding, Gummow lost all of the photos. Then he had to deliver the news to the couple. 

“I was transferring the photos and the card got corrupted and I lost all the photos,” Gummow explained

The memory card was “cut and copied over” so everything was erased. Every photo he took looked distorted and pixelated. They were unusable. 

Gummow “panicked” and spent hundreds of dollars on equipment and third-party services. But nothing could restore the photos. 

“I sat there and I cried for a minute,” he said. “I have to call the bride and I have to let her know that all the memories from her day that she called a professional photographer to take are gone.” 

He took full responsibility for his equipment failing and offered a refund and a reshoot anywhere free of charge. 

“Then I was looking at the back of my camera — cause the card — I could see the pictures,” Gummow said

He realized that most of the pictures in the previews looked fine. Gummow used the wifi on his camera to send the preview files to his phone. He’s been able to recover most of the images this way. 

The video received 15 million views and 2.2 million likes on Twitter

“It was oddly satisfying to hear someone take full responsibility like that,” someone wrote

“This happened to us, our photographer’s insurance paid to reshoot the wedding. Paid to Re-rent tuxes and everything,” a user said. 

“As a wedding photographer the way I would’ve been sobbing omg! I’m so happy for you it’s working out,” another added

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