Photographer calls out influencer over ‘insane’ wedding demand

An influencer is facing backlash for her “insane” wedding demand.

Her request? Hours of free help from a professional wedding photographer.

The photographer, who promptly shut down the idea, shared their exchange with the influencer’s “manager” on Reddit. The post drew hundreds of comments calling out the “entitled” bride-to-be.

‘We appreciate the offer…’

According to the post, the bride was looking to make an hour-long documentary about her wedding. She also wanted to take “1,000-plus” photos of her dress fittings.

The photographer, meanwhile, would provide all of that for free. In exchange, the influencer promised some free social media advertising.

“In exchange she is willing to extensively promote your business to our followers on Instagram and Facebook (combined amount of 55,000),” the manager wrote.

Additionally, the influencer said they’d advertise a 25 percent discount for the photographer. All of those offers seemed a little strange to the business owner.

“We really appreciate the offer,” the photographer wrote. “We don’t usually offer our services for anything other than the going rate.”

An ‘appalling’ email

The photographer went on to explain that, in their mind, 55,000 followers could never make up enough advertisement to pay for the free labor.

Also, they were confused as to why they’d offer a discount just for the influencer’s fans. They noted that usually, working with high-profile clients allowed them to raise their rates — not the other way around.

The bride’s manager, meanwhile, did not take the rejection well. They called the photographer’s email “unprofessional” and “appalling.”

“Please don’t email us again as we will have to name and shame you if you continue with this abuse,” the influencer’s manager added.

‘That’s messed up’

Reddit users largely praised the photographer’s response, saying they were right to stand their ground.

“Honestly the middle person handled this pretty well. Their response was super professional. A round of applause for them,” one user wrote.

Others focused on the bride. Many slammed her request in the comments and questioned her “influencer” status.

“50k followers is basically nothing,” one user claimed. “Bot accounts on Instagram have 50k followers and all they do is steal content.”

“Any email from these manipulative leeches and their managers should go directly into the spam bin,” another suggested.

“That’s messed up,” another added.

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