Photographer shares his secret hacks to capturing cool shots

Photography surrounds us every day in advertisements, in magazines and on social media. But we rarely get to see how the pros snag these impactful shots. 

Dublin photographer Brian O’Donnell shows how he gets all of his creative images on his TikTok, under the handle explore_create_capture. The 21-year-old’s techniques range from the simple to the expert. Sometimes it’s as easy as pointing a camera lens at a flower and waiting for a bee to get a gorgeous nature photo. Other times it’s about using everyday objects like two chess pieces and a mirror to create an artful shot. 

But O’Donnell really flexes what’s in his tool belt when he combines a bit of commentary and photo editing in one video. On the set of the shoot, there’s a partially opened door next to another one that is wide open. Between the two doors is an empty chair. While most might just see an empty room, O’Donnell sees potential.

O’Donnell snaps several photos of his hands clawing through the slightly opened door — kind of like a zombie would in a horror movie. Next, he snaps a few photos of himself sitting in the chair while looking at his phone

At this point, O’Donnell has everything he needs to put together a cool shot. He edits the image so that it appears as though multiple sets of hands are bursting through one door. Above it reads, “social media” in orange neon lights. The other wide-open door, with no one there, has the word “family” on top in blue lights. In front of the two doors is O’Donnell looking at his phone

With a few simple edits, O’Donnell created a stunning image that also speaks volumes about the pressures of social media. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of his most popular TikToks with 407,000 views. 

“I like the message and the way it is visualized,” one user said

“Wow, that is amazing!” another wrote

“That photo speaks! What a message!” someone added

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