‘Photos that show the real me’ trend sees TikTokers embracing their authentic selves

This new TikTok trend has Gen Zers sharing photos that show their authentic selves.

The “photos that show the real me” trend sees TikTok users posting a series of images that they feel best represent themselves. The wholesome trend is giving users the opportunity to take control of their image and how they’re perceived.

19-year-old TikTok personality Dina (@dinabrx) shared her true self to the tune of “No Other Heart” by Mac DeMarco.


late to the trend as always oops 🤠 #realme

♬ no other heart by mac demarco – rawan

“I wanna hang out with the real you”

TikTok users praised Dina for her realness.

“Cutiepie,” one user wrote.

“I wanna hang out with the real you,” another said.

21-year-old athlete Anna Archer (@annaarcherfitness) also got authentic with her rendition of the trend.

“An amazing person with an amazing smile”

“Awhh I love everything about all of these,” someone replied.

“Aw these are so cute,” another said. “You look like such a fun and nice person to have around :)”

“An amazing person with an amazing smile,” one user wrote.

Content creator Keiani (@mcshnizzle) also showed “the real” her.

“such a breathtaking HUMAN BEING”

“These are really fun! I like this idea as a trend,” one TikToker wrote.

“I’m so glad that someone like you exists,” someone replied. “You give me ‘your soul is a gorgeous as your aesthetic’ vibes.”

“such a breathtaking HUMAN BEING,” another said.

What makes this trend all the more commendable is the fact that Gen Zers are showing, on yet another occasion, their inclination to embrace rather than conceal their true selves. While older generations, like Millennials, for instance, may have felt pressure to maintain a certain image online, more Gen Z TikTokers are challenging this idea. And for that, we are totally on board with this trend.

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