5 zany pickle combos that TikTokers swear are tasty

Pickles are great on their own, but they have some classic pairings that they’ve come to be known for. Sliced pickles on a cheeseburger? All-day. Fried pickles dipped in ranch? Delicious. But TikTok is no place for tried and true flavor combinations. TikTok isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of flavor, and the same is true when it comes to the humble pickle. Here are some of TikTok’s craziest pickle trends. But warning… These flavor combos aren’t for the faint of heart.

Pickles soaked in Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew Pickles. I used 3 different types of @mountaindew soda to make these. #pickles #mountaindew #food #tiktokfood #learn #learnontiktok

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Soaking pickles in Mountain Dew gives the pickles some extra sweetness, as well as a neon, almost-radioactive color. The filmer used three different types of Mountain Dew to make three different colored pickles. This combination isn’t for everyone, but these pickles definitely stand out. 

Pickles and peanut butter

This TikTok user satisfied her pregnancy craving by making a peanut butter and pickle sandwich on a hot dog roll. But you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this unique partnership. “I ate peanut butter and pickle sandwiches long before I conceived,” said one comment. If you love pickles and you love peanut butter, you might actually want to give this one a shot. 

Pickles and ice cream

This video shows employees at an ice cream shop putting soft serve ice cream directly on pickle chips. They even add colorful sprinkles to make a mini pickle sundae! It’s probably important not to ask too many questions here. If the ice cream experts love it, it has to be pretty good right? 

Pickles and Kool-Aid 

OH YEAH! Kool-Aid Pickles! This hybrid, referred to by the filmer as “koolickles,” are made by removing the pickles from the jar, combining Kool-Aid powder and sugar with the pickle juice, putting the pickles back in, and letting them sit for a few days. The flimer’s kids enjoyed the bright red sweet and sour pickles, but mom wasn’t as sold. Take from that what you will. 

Pickles and cotton candy

Speaking of sweet and sour, how do pickles and cotton candy sound? The filmer took a pinch of the sugary snack and put it on a pickle chip. This dish probably won’t win a Michelin star, but the filmer gave it a solid 6/10. She referred to the combo as “disturbingly pleasant.” That sounds about right. 

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