Mom’s picky eater hack tricks kids into eating pepper: ‘Why haven’t I thought of this?’

There’s nothing worse than when a picky eater sees an unfamiliar food and declares it gross before even trying it — especially when parents know they’ll actually like it

Toddlers tend to be finicky about their foods. That’s because all of that rapid infant growth begins to slow down, along with their appetites. They’re at the stage of developing their food preferences, which can be frustrating for parents. One day they’re obsessed with their favorite meal; the next, they’re swatting it off the high chair. 

One mother on TikTok shared her hack for tricking the eyes of her fickle kids who don’t like how black pepper looks in their food. It’s actually quite clever. 

“When your kids won’t eat because of the black specks,” she said while stirring a pot of mac and cheese. “Trick the kids with white pepper.” 

The mom stirred the white pepper into the cheesy noodles, and it quickly disappeared. The flavor of the dish was retained, and the crisis was averted. 

TikTokers thought the hack was useful, and some commenters could relate to dissing black pepper as kids. 

“I used to be the same way if I saw anything with black on my plate, I refused to eat it,” one user commented

“This is actually smart, not going to lie,” a person wrote.

“Oh my God, why haven’t I thought of this?” another said

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