7 picky eater products parents swear by

Are you having trouble getting your little ones to eat new foods–or any food for that matter? If your child is a picky eater, mealtimes can feel challenging and stressful.

But not to worry, because helping your child develop healthy eating habits so they can get the nutrition they need while growing becomes easier with products that make mealtime more fun.

If you’re looking for tried and true products from other parents of picky eaters, TikTok has got you covered. Here are 7 products for picky eaters parents swear make mealtime with little ones way easier.

1. SpinMeal Plate

This interactive plate encourages picky eaters to try new things by spinning the arrow in the center and choosing from one of the 8 food compartments, each featuring a cute animal cartoon. A little girl spins the arrow in the clip, which lands on spaghetti and cheese. “Take one bite,” the little girl says, grabbing her tiny fork and digging it into a noodle before taking a bite. 

2. Castle Dining Set

Your child can dine like royalty with this adorable castle dining set. What begins as a typical castle transforms into a complete set of children’s dinnerware, making mealtime more fun for kids and less stressful for parents. The set includes a cup, fork, and spoon, which double as the castle’s towers. A condiment tray, bowl, and plate also function as the castle’s foundation.  

3. Dinosaur Mold


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Food shaped like adorable animals and objects is a great way to get kids excited about mealtime. This dinosaur head hard boiled egg mold turns an ordinary hard boiled egg into something “egg-citing.” Place a hard boiled egg in the mold and press it down to create a cool T-Rex skull. 

4. Stomp & Chomp Dinner Tray

Tempt your picky eater with a little friendly competition. This food tray literally turns mealtime into a board game. The game’s path of 8 compartments and action-oriented premise keeps kids entertained and focused on successfully making it through a meal

5. Toddler Hor D’oeuvres Tray

Toddler snack trays are a great way for kids to become accustomed to new foods and new textures in a fun and creative way. In this video, pediatric Registered Dietician Caroline Weeks explains that “neophobia,” or the fear of new things, can start to appear around the toddler stage, especially when it comes to food. She says that, according to research, kids are more likely to try non-preferred foods when they’re presented alongside foods they already know and like. Snack trays let parents place new foods near familiar ones, allowing little ones to warm up to new flavors and textures. 

6. GoBe Kids Snack Spinner

Thanks to this interactive spinning snack tray, snack time has never been easier. The snack spinner includes 5 snack compartments and a button to rotate the snacks, keeping little ones engaged while practicing fine motor skills. Not only is the tray fun to spin, but it also lets kids feel in control to make their own food choices. 

7. Cookie Cutters

Simple but effective, cookie cutters have been making food fun for ages! Many kids are visual eaters, so making meals look pretty can entice them. A study revealed that focusing on taste and attractiveness might help children make healthier food choices. Now that’s some food for thought!

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