Woman finds ‘dramatic’ surprise in apartment after trip

A woman returned home to Norway after a six-month trip to find some uninvited guests. 

TikToker @lisbonsister6 tearfully recorded a video the moment she got back from a long trip. She had just gotten home from her flight when she opened up her bedroom door and discovered three pigeons had been living it up in there for who knows how long. 

“I don’t mean to be dramatic here. I’m OK. But I get home from my flight and I open my bedroom door — three pigeons have been living in my room,” @lisbonsister6 said. “Oh my god. Everything is covered in s***. This is disgusting. Oh my god. What the f***? Oh my god. It’s literally a nightmare. Ew.” 

The entire bedroom was covered in bird droppings and in disarray. 

“FYI: This was before I found the nest they had made behind my bed,” she added in the comment section. 

The video racked up over 366,000 views and sparked the sympathies of many TikTokers.

“Not dramatic at all. This was the most appropriate reaction to the situation,” one person said

“It’s an attempted coup,” another joked

“Gotta throw the whole room away,” someone added

After the obligatory panic, @lisbonsister6 called her friend up and they reached out to animal control, she explained in a follow-up. The pigeons luckily left on their own, but animal control warned that the excrements could have parasites and be a hazard. 

She and her friend wore masks and gloves and used bleach to clean everything up. They also enlisted professional help for a more thorough clean-up so that @lisbonsister6 could finally return to her bedroom. 

Welp, the next time you go away for six months, make sure you close your windows.

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