A TikTok about cat paws has become a viral trend

TikTokers have gone “piggy dipping” and “sausage swimming” in a new niche trend. 

Most pet owners are prone to speaking to their beloved furry friends in a silly voice. The things we might say to our pets are not even close to anything we would ever say to a human and that’s part of the joy. When a TikTok user caught her cat playing in its water bowl, she gave the kitty a real talking to. Now people can’t stop quoting the hilarious speech. 

What does “piggy dipping” mean on TikTok? 


she’s dippin dem piggies in da wata #fypシ #cats

♬ original sound – ace

The expression is from a video by @missus.weeb. She caught her cat Cleo dipping its toes into its water bowl. Then she proceeded to playfully reprimand the kitty, who was scurrying off in shame.  

“Piggy dipping. Piggy dipping at the piggy pond. No, you went sausage swimming in the water bowl, you dipped them fat little toes in there. Chubba-bun,” @missus.weeb said

A user replied with a translation of the rant, “A plus-size cat has dipped its paws into a pond of sorts and has been caught but is not in trouble.” 

The video has received over 6.6 million views and the sound has a cult following on TikTok. It has currently been used in 1,627 videos. 

Tattoo artist @encanto.ink made graphic tattoo art of the “piggy dipping” monologue


dip dem fat lil toes in der

♬ original sound – ace

Other TikTokers, like @thehumantrapoline, have used the sound to show off footage of their own cats “piggy dipping” into small bodies of water like the bathtub. 

In another video, @firstlightfarm highlighted its actual pigs going for a “sausage swim” in a kiddie pool.  


All orders filled. I’m going piggie dippin’ #piggiedippin #viral

♬ original sound – ace

The user @samsmeezy even had custom Vans slip-ons made that read “Piggie Dippin'” on one shoe and “At Da Piggie Pond” on another. 

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