The ‘Dole Whip’ frappuccino: TikTok’s new favorite secret Starbucks recipe

People are going crazy over the pineapple Starbucks frappuccino — the latest secret menu item at the coffee chain to go viral.

TikToker Lauren Godwin shared this clip of her running to her nearest Starbucks to try the pineapple drink. Since many claim that the frappuccino tastes exactly like Disney World’s famous Dole Whip, Godwin rushed to taste the drink and find out if the rumors were true.

“This can’t be true; I have to find out for myself right now!” Godwin exclaimed.

To receive the “Dole Whip” Starbucks drink, you must order a vanilla bean frappuccino, replace the milk with sweet cream and then add pineapple base. Godwin took her first sip of the pineapple drink at home.

“It’s SO GOOD!” Godwin said. “It’s like pineapple, like creamy, like piña colada… it’s so good!”

TikTokers who also tried the pineapple Starbucks frappuccino took to the comments to give Godwin more recommendations.

“Add some coconut milk in with it as well; it’s pretty amazing,” a TikTok user commented.

“Babe. Go get the PARADISE DRINK (not the pineapple refresher) the way it comes and ask for it blended,” another suggested. “Much simpler. Tastes better. No vanilla.”

“I tried it before, and it’s good but VERY sweet,” someone noted.

Other viewers have yet to try the “Dole Whip” shake but are excited to order it during their next visit to Starbucks.

“Girl, I have to try this because I’m a piña colada girl,” a person wrote.

“Thank you for trying this!!!! I’m totally doing this next time I go to Starbucks!!!!” another said.

“I’m trying it as soon as possible if you say it’s that good!” someone chimed in.

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