Ping pong masters share their complicated, over-the-top trick shots

Alikhan Kazia and Taheer Alibhai are the ping pong trick shot artists and post their talents on their joint InstagramPongMastersKE.

The Kenyan duo use a ping pong table and a few household items like plastic cups, duct tape and wooden boards to pull off some incredible stunts.

“This is what he does with every trick shot, he makes it harder than it has to be,” an offscreen woman comments during one video

In the clip, Kazia is sitting at a dinner table blindfolded. On the table, there’s an upside-down cup with a bowl resting on top. A few feet away, another cup with water leans on a stack of books. Kazia holds a paddle and ball in one hand. He swats the ball he is holding, it hits the ball on the cup and launches it directly into the cup of water. The woman audibly gasps. 

In another, the guys created a makeshift obstacle course. They used stacks of cups and wooden boards to make a mini halfpipe ramp. Behind the incline is two cups. Someone releases a roll of duct tape on one end of the ramp so that it rolls back and forth. As the duct tape moves, Kazia swats a ping pong bowl through its hole and into the cup, twice. 

The video racked up over 25,000 views. Instagram users were blown away by the impressive trick shot. 

“Absolutely insane!! Enough said,” one person wrote

“So good man!” another wrote

“Twice in a row. Beasted man,” an Instagram user said

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