Mom claims she was ‘victim’ of Pinterest nursery decor

Have you ever fallen prey to impractical Pinterest decor propaganda? It’s OK. You’re not alone. 

Sure, Pinterest can be full of wonderful, creative ideas. But sometimes, things just get away from you. TikTok mom @thatrelatablemama theorized that moms designing nurseries from 2017 to 2020 might have been misled.

The mother took a hard look at her kid’s room and noticed one item that was not like the others: a gold mirror.

“What do we do with this gold mirror?” she joked

The large mirror was hanging high on the wall, surely too high for any toddler to use. 

“Do they just keep a giant gold mirror in their room forever?!” she said

She wondered if 7-year-olds really needed a gold mirror or if she should move it to the home’s entryway. 

“Raise your hand if you were a victim of pinterest nursery decor,” she added in the caption

Plenty of parents admitted they had the same mirror in the comments. 

“I have that same mirror and yes it’s now in my entryway,” a user wrote

“All nursery decor still in her room that she is barely in because she continues to hijack my bed,” another said

“Wait wait I have the same exact mirror in my daughter’s nursery,” a person added

“I have 3 of these one in toddlers room, one above my vanity and one in my entry. I’m dead,” someone joked

“Hahaha… we just moved and that mirror is sitting in the garage,” a TikToker replied

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