Pit bull is obsessed with going to a mobile dog gym

RunBuddyMobile is here to get your dog in shape.

The mobile doggy gym is veterinarian-approved and gives dogs a safe way to exercise. It’s also convenient for busy dog owners since the van with a canine treadmill shows up right at your door.

The state-of-the-art equipment is suitable for dogs of any size and breed. Meanwhile, the controlled climate ensures your furry friend will have a chill time as it expels all that extra energy. 

An Instagram clip shows a RunBuddyMobile worker picking up a client. 

“Talk about excited to go to the gym!” the caption states

The pit bull ecstatically runs toward the vehicle, from the front door, with his tail wagging. Once the dog’s inside, he already knows what to do. He hops on the treadmill and excitedly barks — this good boy is ready.

“Come on, good boy! Come on, good boy!” the worker shouts

The dog was clearly in heaven and many Instagram users were intrigued by the idea.  

“So cute!” one person said.

“We need to sign up already,” another wrote

“That’s a happy pup,” someone commented

When a dog suffers from a lack of exercise, it usually acts out in other ways. There can be destructive chewing, garbage raiding, hyperactivity and unruliness. When you give your dog the exercise it needs, it’s less likely to misbehave, will maintain a healthy weight and have a much better sleep cycle. Kind of just like a human but with a little more drool!

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