Pit bull has ‘animated’ reaction to feeling baby kick in mom’s bump

A viral TikTok showed how the bond between dogs and humans is like no other.

Dogs are so in tune with humans they have the ability to detect changes in our bodies. That means your furry friend can sense when mom is expecting β€” sometimes even before she does. Megan, a pregnant mother on TikTok, shared an intimate moment between her pit bull and her bun in the oven. 


When you feel your tiny human bestie kick for the first time. Wait for his reaction πŸ₯ΊπŸ’• #pregnancy #pitbull #dogsofttiktok #foryou #fyp #baby

♬ come into my arms – november

“When you feel your tiny human bestie kick for the first time. Wait for his reaction,” Megan wrote in the caption. 

The pit bull relaxed and rested his head on Megan’s bump. He looked serene and calm as ever as he cuddled with the mom, but the moment when the baby began kicking was clear. No, you couldn’t see any imprint on her bump, just the dog’s visible expression: his eyes opened wide and his ears stood up. The dog looked stunned. 

The touching video racked up 27.3 million views and 7.9 million likes on TikTok. 

“I didn’t expect this to blow up like this. Thank you for all the sweet comments,” Megan said

“You can just tell he is already in love with this baby,” a user wrote

“His face moved like a Disney animation,” another said

“His eyes lit up! What a sweet moment,” someone commented

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