Pizza guy claims he thwarted a kidnapping while delivering an order: ‘Something wasn’t right’

People often share tales of thwarted kidnappings to help those who might find themselves in the same terrifying situation at some point in life — but this man’s story about stopping a potential abductor in his tracks is pretty wild from start to finish.

Reddit user enoughpizzanow, who is a pizza delivery person, detailed his encounter on Reddit’s LetsNotMeet forum, where users share “true stories of creepy encounters.”

‘Something wasn’t right’

He wrote that he was having a really busy night of non-stop deliveries and chugging water to power through a heatwave, so he didn’t even think about taking a bathroom break until it was urgent.

At 9:30 p.m. he decided to do one more quick delivery before stopping.

“I pulled up to the house and …. I could immediately see that something wasn’t right,” the delivery man said. “All the lights were off in the house, not even the glow of a television or anything … and on top of it all, the block was dead quiet.”

After double-checking the address, he gave the customer a call. She told him, out of breath, that she was not home. She begged him not to leave and said she was literally running back to her house, but his patience was wearing thin as he still urgently needed to use the restroom.

‘A man came leaping out’

He dashed to the bushes to relieve himself when he heard a deep voice exclaim, “What the f***?”

“And before I could turn around, assuming I’d been caught by a neighbor, a man came leaping out of the bushes,” the delivery man wrote. “I didn’t see where he went.”

He knew immediately that the person, who was wearing a hoodie in 90-degree weather, was a “bad man,” but he still told himself it might have been a neighbor or someone innocent.

The delivery man peeked into the bushes in search of an explanation, and that’s when he uncovered a bag filled with a knife, a roll of duct tape and a bottle of pills.

“The delusions officially broke at that point and all the adrenaline, endorphins and self-preservation instincts that had been suppressed kicked in ten times over,” he wrote.

‘Scared me to the core’

He called 911 and told the dispatcher the whole story, then returned to the house of the woman who ordered the pizza, against the warning of the emergency operator.

When the delivery man arrived, he ordered her to get in the car and explained what he saw in the bushes. He said he kept the woman safe until authorities arrived.

“It turns out the reason she got right into a strange pizza guy’s car without probing any deeper into my story is because she knew who the man was right away from my description,” he wrote. “She had an abusive ex-boyfriend … [who] immediately came to mind from hearing ‘there’s a guy in your bushes.'”

The delivery man said this experience was easily the scariest thing that happened to him on the job even though he wasn’t the intended target of the potential kidnapping. Thankfully, everyone ended up safe.

Commenters were deeply disturbed by the situation, but commended the delivery man’s actions.

“F*** this scared me to the core, imagine … if you had just waited and gave her her pizza and then left,” one Reddit user wrote.

“You’re a hero for going back and getting the girl — I can’t imagine how terrifying that was,” another said.

“Wow, that is truly insane. You’re a hero man, you saved her life,” a third responded.

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