Pizza Hut breadsticks bring pregnant mom to tears in hilariously emotional TikTok: ‘Stop it, it’s not funny!’

A mom-to-be broke down in tears over Pizza Hut breadsticks, and TikTok is cracking up.

Mom and TikToker Cassie (@candidly_cassie) gained over 9.5 million views, 1.7 million likes, and 18,000 comments when she uploaded the hormonal breakdown to her account.

We’ve seen emotional rollercoasters go viral before — like the giggling toddler whose whole mood changes the second she sees Dad’s clean-shaven face — but Cassie’s intense pregnancy cravings might be on a whole new level.

Cassie, whose TikTok bio reads, “New mom to our IVF rainbow,” was clearly mid-cry when her husband decided to grab his phone and start recording.

“You’re crying because you want breadsticks?” he asks from behind the camera.

“No,” she sniffles, face buried in her hands.

“You just said you’re crying because you’re thinking about a breadstick.”

“That doesn’t mean that I want one,” she cries, apparently “lying,” based on the on-screen text. “I was just thinking about them.”

Later we see Cassie from a new angle, still clearly very emotional over her devastating breadstick situation.

“I want a Pizza Hut breadstick so bad,” she weeps.

The camera starts shaking, apparently caused by her husband trying to stifle his laughter as his wife sobbed.

“I cried thinking about our dog dying… We don’t have a dog yet.”

Cassie’s breadstick-induced emotions inspired other moms to share their own hilarious breakdowns.

“I once cried because my husband WASN’T hungry,” one user wrote.

“Last week I laughed so hard, I peed a little, and then cried a lot, like A LOT, because I felt bad for the chair,” another viewer shared.

“I cried because my husband pretended to take a bite of my grilled cheese,” wrote one mom.

“My husband wanted to go buy a gallon of water for the gym, and I cried cause we had water at home,” commented another.

“I was peeling potatoes for dinner and mid-peel I started sobbing because ‘I can relate’ to the potato’s appearance,” laughed one user.

“I cried when my fiancee went to Dairy Queen and got me a medium Blizzard and him a large,” wrote another.

“My work changed donut Friday to every other Friday without informing me. I kept it together until I got to my desk and then I lost it,” one user shared.

“I’m pregnant and have cried over Sour Skittles… several times,” admitted another viewer.

“I cried last night because I wanted a salad from one place and the salad dressing from another,” commented one mom.

But some people didn’t see the problem with openly weeping over delicious breadsticks — or the lack thereof.

“I still stand by the opinion that Pizza Hut breadsticks are the best and worth crying for,” one user wrote.

While Cassie apparently never got her beloved breadsticks, a few months later, she did get her beautiful baby boy named Carter.

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