Pizza Hut employee shares his weirdest ever deliveries on TikTok

A Pizza Hut employee is going viral after sharing some of the strangest and most specific delivery instructions he’s ever received.

The delivery driver, who goes by the name Charlie on social media, posted his unusual on-the-job encounters in a series of videos on TikTok.

In the clips, Charlie shows a redacted version of his customer’s receipt, which includes a section for special instructions. Some of the requests are completely outlandish — and probably sometimes the result of pranks — but the TikToker consistently follows through.

Charlie’s “the customer’s always right” approach to deliveries has earned plenty of attention online, beginning with a clip in which a customer asked him to “knock 27 times” at their door.

That video, which now has nearly 10 million views, features the Pizza Hut driver hustling up to a doorstep and, as instructed, knocking exactly 27 times.


Part 2 of weird instructions while delivering pizza 😂😭 ##fyp ##accident ##pizza ##pizzahut

♬ original sound – charlllllllie

Another video, posted a few days later, shows a request for him to do a dance from his car to the house.

Despite the fact that the instruction seemingly has no impact on the quality of the pizza (and again, it was probably a prank by the customer), Charlie follows through.

“Dude I work for Pizza Hut and I wish I got instructions like this,” one commenter wrote on the video.


Part 1 because part 2 going viral ##fyp

♬ original sound – charlllllllie

Charlie’s commitment and sense of humor about the orders have earned him plenty of hilarious praise, while other customers seemed legitimately perplexed by the customers’ requests.

“Who asks this?” one user wrote.

“Okay but did they record you?” another asked.

Other pizza drivers commented on the clips to share their own strange requests, writing that it’s usually an exciting — and sometimes profitable — part of the job.

“I’m a driver for Pizza Hut I get these all the time! If you do what the ask you get bigger tips,” one commenter claimed.

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