Pizza Hut’s new Olympics-themed pie has fast-food fans divided

With the Tokyo games in full swing, Pizza Hut Japan has debuted an all-new, Olympics-themed pizza.

Fast-food fans, however, are deeply divided over the pie, which is loaded with a “decathlon” of meats. For those unfamiliar with track and field terminology, that means 10 different kinds of meat.

The wild, protein-packed pizza is just the latest fast-food dish to make waves online. In the past, social media users have freaked out over a “Chocolate Whopper” at Burger King, a “baked bean pizza” at Papa John’s and an Oreo-filled burger at McDonald’s.

Like all of those viral items, the “Decathlon Pizza” has split the internet. Some think the extreme amount of meat sounds fantastic, while others seem downright terrified.

In total, the Decathlon Pizza features bacon, Iberico thick-sliced bacon, aged bacon, charcoal-grilled beef ribs, beef bulgogi, teriyaki chicken, pulled pork, pepperoni, sliced sausage and Italian sausage, according to Chew Boom.

As The Takeout pointed out, that’s four more types of meat than a typical Meat Lover’s pizza at an American Pizza Hut. Having three types of bacon feels like cheating, but we’re not the experts here!

Semantics aside, the sheer number of meats seemed to turn off some fast-food fans.

“There has to be some weird kinds of meat in there,” one Twitter user wrote.

“My cardiologist better be on standby!” another joked.

“Utter oxymoron that they celebrate some of the world’s fittest athletes with a heart attack pizza,” another wrote.

Others, however, couldn’t wait to try it.

“You had me at pizza!” one user tweeted.

This is just the latest time that Japanese fast food has gone viral. In recent months, the country’s version of Wendy’s sparked plenty of jealousy online after a TikToker showed how different the chain is there.

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