Pizza Hut Taiwan is now serving a literal ramen pizza

The concept of a “pizza” has become increasingly vague over the past several years.

There are dessert pizzas, breakfast pizzas and, thanks to Papa Johns U.K., even pizzas topped with baked beans. Now, there’s yet another mutation to add to the list — courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan.

That variation? Ramen pizza. The item, which launched on June 30 in Taiwan, is literally a cheese pizza topped with noodles, spices, barbecued pork and a hardboiled egg.

Credit: Pizza Hut Taiwan

The fast food chain is calling the item the “world’s first ramen pizza,” which isn’t technically true but does have a nice ring to it. And the dish has some major noodle bona fides — it was reportedly made in collaboration with Menya Musashi, a famous Japanese ramen house.

It’s unclear if the pizza will make its way to other markets, but customers worldwide already seem to have thoughts on the “mash-up” item. Several took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Counting down to Italy declaring war on Taiwan any minute now,” one user joked.

“Would you try this?” another asked.

Some users were far more celebratory though, with one joking that Pizza Hut should receive some sort of award for its innovation. A few even managed to get their hands on the dish already, sharing reviews of the combo online.

“Good but still Pizza Hut. I like the ramen flavor they give it. Hard to eat more than a couple slices just because it’s so carb heavy,” one user wrote.

The ramen pizza is just the latest of the chain’s items to go viral worldwide.

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut Hong Kong teamed up with Ikea to create a table inspired by the tiny, circular dividers that come inside delivery boxes. That announcement also came with its own pizza, which was naturally topped with the department store’s famous Swedish meatballs.

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