Pizza Hut x IKEA is the collab we never knew we needed

Pizza Hut has a new product on the market — but it’s probably best to avoid trying to eat it.

That’s because the new item, produced in collaboration with IKEA, isn’t a pizza at all. It’s actually furniture.

The new SÄVA table, currently only available in Hong Kong, is a product designed specifically after the three-legged “mini tables” that come inside delivery pizza boxes.

Credit: Oglivy

Ikea isn’t stopping there, either. Apparently, the SÄVA table even comes packaged inside a pizza box — a feat that seems generally mind-blowing in its own right.

The campaign, coordinated by the Olgivy ad agency, has seemingly been a success so far, as Hong Kong’s Ikea stores have reported selling 67 percent more of the tables than originally expected, according to the Drum.

And for those who prefer edible collaborations, there’s also an all-new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza, which is available at the delivery chain’s Hong Kong locations. The new pie is topped with IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs, and of course, comes with a tiny table in the center.

Both collaborations seemed to excite social media users, whether they would be able to get their hands on the Hong Kong-specific products or not.

“Just when I thought there was nothing left to celebrate, Ikea answered my prayers,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Why didn’t we think of this sooner…” another added.

It’s unclear if the collaboration will make its way to other countries soon, but in the meantime, Americans will have to settle for some of pizza hut’s other experimental products — including Nashville hot chicken wings and the return of the chain’s two-foot-long “Big Dipper” pie.

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