Pizza the husky has immediate bond with preemie twin ‘brothers’ after 55 days in NICU: ‘My heart OMG!’

This adorable husky is the cutest protector for his preemie baby twin brothers! 

Pizza the Husky (@pizzathehusky) was in for a treat when his “mom” brought home twin boys from the hospital!

Pizza’s owner and new mom, Alexandra Humbeck, had just given birth to twin boys. And after 55 days in the NICU, the premature infants definitely needed the support of an older brother. Pizza was more than happy to oblige! 

When she brought her twin boys home, Humbeck filmed Pizza’s adorable reaction to meeting his new baby brothers, and soon enough he had plenty of fans. 

When Pizza first meets the tiny twins in their bassinets, his tail wags as he gently sniffs them, welcoming them home. 

As the video progresses, Pizza is seen standing close to his baby brothers, guarding them from harm’s way. Pizza looks calm and content, staring happily into the camera. 

Pizza even pokes his nose into the twins’ stroller while walking to make sure they’re doing okay! These babies are so lucky to have an older brother who is so protective of them. 

Pizza’s fans agree the twins are definitely in good hands (or paws)

One user commented, “He’s their protector now. This is the best dog baby vid ever.”

Another TikToker agreed, “He just immediately knew they were his babies to watch over.” 

One user simply exclaimed, “My heart OMG!”

Some users seemed a little nervous about such a big dog being near such tiny humans, but Pizza is nothing but gentle with the babies.

Pizza is a trained service dog, and his TikTok is full of many other videos featuring wholesome brotherly content, including a video where he and the twins go on their first trip! Now Pizza has over 600k followers!

Having twins plus a dog seems like quite a handful. Good thing Pizza seems like he is more than pulling his weight. 

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