Plane converted into coffee shop for those who really miss traveling

Commercial flights in Thailand might be temporarily banned but locals have found a new way to scratch their wanderlust itch. 

Sattahip residents have been patronizing Coffee War 331 Station, a retired airplane converted into a cozy cafe. The Airbus 300 was formerly operated by Thai Airways but since being decommissioned it has become a destination for those feeling nostalgic for flying. 

The plane was converted by entrepreneur Suttipong Boonloi who purchased it for around $320,000. One customer, Sara Chen, said people were convinced she was on a real flight when she posted photos on Instagram.

”I closed my eyes and imagined I was really in the sky,” Chen told Newsflare. “I imagined that there was no pandemic and we could fly, just like before. I like the cafe. It’s great to visit for an unusual coffee and take selfies.”

Footage of the plane’s interior reveals what it’s like inside Coffee War. The plane largely looks like what you’d expect from a commercial aircraft, with a few tweaks. Tables have been placed in between the rows of seats for patrons, there’s a barista bar, ice cream fridge and guests are able to go right up into the cockpit. 

It appears that similar concepts are popping up in Asia with the pandemic leaving so many flights grounded. Singapore Airlines is launching a “flight to nowhere” so that travelers can take off and land at the same airport three hours later. Meanwhile, in Japan, entrepreneur Katsuo Inoue released a flight simulator for virtual reality travel. 

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