Mom uses plastic goose to keep toddler in bed: ‘So funny and so wrong’

Every parent faces the nightly battle of trying to get their toddler to go to bed — and getting them to stay there. 

Once the comfortable walls of the crib come down and the little ones upgrade to big kid beds, all bets are off. A mom on TikTok named Taylor came up with the perfect parenting hack to keep her son in bed. Her methods might be unconventional, but they are definitely effective.

“Tip #317: how to use a plastic goose to keep your toddlers in bed,” the mom wrote in the caption. 

The mother placed a giant plastic goose right outside of her son’s door and set up a camera. When he tried to sneak out in the middle of the night, he opened the door, took one look at the goose and shrieked in horror. The toddler quickly shut the door in fear. Hey, a mom’s got to do, what a mom’s got to do. 

Taylor’s video racked up 11.3 million views on TikTok. People found the technique to be hilarious.

“I don’t know how that can be so funny and so wrong at the same time,” someone joked

“My parents used a vacuum that I hated,” a user said

“This would work on me at 28,” another wrote

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