Woman baffles TikTok with bizarre object found in store

A woman has one question for TikTok: what the heck is a Plumbus? 

Rick and Morty fans will instantly recognize the fictional interdimensional device. However, when TikToker @quelzworld came across a Plumbus in the aisles of a department store, she was baffled. She read the box but it provided no discernible clues. The box description read like total nonsense. Eventually, she took to TikTok to get some answers. 

TikToker just wants to know what a Plumbus is


please tell me if you know #fyp #fy @daniellem73 would like to know too

♬ original sound – Quelz

“I need somebody to explain to me what this is,” she said, pointing the camera at a Plumbus box. 

The blue cardboard box featured a photo of a pink and purple object. It had a large base with purple spikes protruding from one side and a handle. The top was broccoli-shaped with a skinny neck and a bunch of purple orbs.

“Here’s what it says,” @quelzworld continued. “‘Plumbus now knows. Plumbus can get sticky. Plumbus will make it up to you! Plumbus connects to your broods using GHS connective tissue! Plumbus is heavier and spongier than ever before!’ What the?! Then it says, ‘salt and pepper shakers.'”

The video racked up 5.5 million views and lots of hilarious comments that did not answer her question.

Adult Swim responded,” Everyone has one.” 

“Girl it’s a PLUMBUS. How do you know what it is? Self-explanatory,” a user joked.

“I love that it’s made with all-natural fleeb,” another said

The rest of the box description did not help. It read:

  • New Plumbus is 30 percent MORE Plumbus! Check box!
  • Plumbus is multi versatile and safe for every room!
  • Plumbus doubles as Garbleflag in emergency situations!
  • We defend against Dark Plumbus!

The usage and restrictions only added to the confusion. The back of the box said: 

  • Hold Plumbus as show while cleaning.
  • Plumbus surface is hot when cooking
  • Place carefully in playback dock.
  • Never fully cover Plumbus while sleeping.
  • Always face Plumbus east while praying.
  • Always turn the Grodus to desired trim length. 

So what is a Plumbus? 

Well, it’s actually hard to explain. That’s because the running gag on Rick and Morty is that in the show’s universe everybody knows what Plumbus is so it doesn’t ever require explanation. The Plumbus was first introduced in the episode “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.” 

In the episode Rick, Morty and Summer watch Interdimensional Cable TV and channel surf. The episode consists of various clips shown on their television. One of the clips featured a Plumbus. 

The clip features how Plumbuses are made. The process is entirely fictional but Plumbuses consist of fleebs, dinglebops and grumbos. 

In the show, it’s a common household and workplace device used for an array of purposes. It can generate and store heat. It’s used to cook, iron and as a space heater. Its ability to secrete chemicals makes it a useful cleaning agent. The Plumbus is also a radio receiver. 

Plumbus origins

Ricky and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland got the idea to do a “How Do They Do It” segment for the animated series while he was on an elliptical. Roiland wrote the script, while storyboard artist Dan O’Connor made it visually come to life. 

“This guy Dan O’Connor did the storyboards. He went with more of an alien direction, I was thinking more of a Dr. Seuss look, but I love what he did,” Roiland told Entertainment Weekly. 

The Plumbus segment was a hit and has been a running joke featured in numerous episodes of the series since. 

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