TikToker slams bridesmaid who complained about ‘heavy-set’ bride’s dress choice

A woman is calling out a bridesmaid for fat-shaming a bride

TikToker Devon Elizabeth is all for fat liberation. She talks about body acceptance, plus-size fashion and fatphobia with her 307,000 followers. So when another user tried to make a fuss over a “heavy-set” bride’s dress choices for the bridal party, she definitely had thoughts on the matter. 

“When the bride is heavy-set so the bridesmaids are forced to wear…” the user said, before showing a series of photos of what look to be just regular bridesmaid dresses in neutral colors.

Elizabeth turned the bridesmaid’s complaint into a teachable moment.

“Just because she’s plus-size doesn’t change the fact that the day is about her and not you,” Elizabeth said. “But most importantly, most plus-size brides have probably been in at least one situation where there was a group clothing choice — maybe like a group Halloween costume or even a bridesmaid in someone else’s wedding — where the clothing choice was made without considering our bodies.”

She added that no one was forcing the bridesmaid to participate in the wedding. 

“When you wear a piece of clothing that was designed without ever considering a fat body, it can be incredibly uncomfortable,” she continued. “So when it comes time for us to choose our bridesmaid dresses for our special day, we have this in mind. That’s why you see the A-line and empire waist cuts of those dresses.” 

Elizabeth explained that those silhouettes are comfortable for all different kinds of bodies. The bride likely wasn’t being selfish but considerate to the spectrum of bodies that were in her bridal party. 

“We would never want our friends to feel how we have in the past,” she said. “Because if fat girls are taught anything, it’s to be accomodating to others.” 

Elizabeth’s video received over 874,000 likes. People thought the bridesmaid’s complaints were unfounded. 

“As a bridesmaid, I tell them, ‘I’ll wear a trash bag if you want me to’ because it’s NOT ABOUT ME,” one user said

“I’m trying to figure out what the issue is with those dresses,” another wrote

“The bride’s size doesn’t matter at all. You wear what she picks. Like, I don’t understand why the bride’s build was mentioned,” someone commented

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