What does PMO mean? There are a few (very different) possibilities

It seems like TikTok slang is evolving faster than people can keep up with it.

There’s always a new acronym or phrase taking over our feeds and making us second guess how clued in we are. TikTokers have started to use “PMO” but the acronym has more than one meaning. Here’s what you need to know.

What “PMO” means on TikTok

The acronym “PMO” stands for “put me on” according to Urban Dictionary. Put me on is another way of saying “hook me up” or “link me up” with someone. 

Urban Dictionary includes the example, “Yo, PMO to that new girl at school, she a baddie,” which is essentially a request to make a personal connection. 

Thus, someone might use PMO when they want someone to follow them on social media. “Hey, can you PMO your Insta?” is something you might see in a text or comment.  

But when someone says something like, “My friend put me on to this” they’re conveying a similar but slightly different meaning.

According to Merriam-Webster, the phrase “put someone on to” means, “to give (someone) information about (something)” or  “to tell (someone) about (something that he or she did not know about before).”  

While the former meaning refers to making a connection between two people, the latter refers to making a connection between a person and a thing or piece of information.

Another common meaning of “PMO” is “piss me off.” For example, “My teacher is starting to PMO with these hard assignments.” For extra emphasis, some might use “PMTFO” as in “piss me the f*** off.” 

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