Podbike combines human and electric power to create a sleek car-bike hybrid

The future of bikes might look a lot more like cars than we thought. 

Podbike velomobile combines electric and human power to create a unique cycling experience. Its frame borrows the safety elements from a car and the health benefits of cycling. The Podbike almost feels akin to the pedal-powered vintage car toys of yesteryear. 

Podbike features two hub motors and a compact generator. When pedaled the motion generates power that is electrically transferred to the motors. Meanwhile, its battery pack provides an additional boost. Thus, Podbike is able to reach a speed of 37 miles per hour. 

Able to seat an adult and child (don’t worry it has safety lights), the Podbike features a thermoplastic canopy and aluminum frame to endure the weather and optimize its aerodynamics. Its most enticing feature is that it’s totally eco-friendly. The entire body of the vehicle is fully recyclable and Podbike has fewer emissions than compared to modern cars, including electrics and hybrids. 

All and all, the Podbike is a more affordable option than a car (about $6,000) that still provides the exercise and sustainability of a bike. 

Interesting Engineering shared a demo of the electric bike on Instagram and it certainly piqued the interest of viewers. 

“In my opinion, this transport is better than a real car,” one user wrote

“It looks fun,” one added

“I want one,” another person wrote.

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