Pokémon Smile uses augmented reality to teach kids how to brush their teeth

Pokémon Smile is one of the latest games to join the Pokémon family. The product turns brushing your teeth into an augmented reality challenge.

The game is designed to encourage kids to brush more thoroughly by turning the responsibility into a fun activity. Plus, little kids look really cute with AR Pikachu and Squirtle hats. 

To win the game, players must rescue Pokémon from cavity-causing bacteria by brushing. The more the user brushes in real life, the faster the bacteria disappears. Children will receive pretty detailed instructions on how to cleanse in segments.

“Brush the front of the middlemost section,” Pokémon Smile commands according to Mashable. “Now brush the back teeth on the left side. Get on top of those right molars. Scrub, baby, scrub!”

If you successfully get rid of the bacteria, you get to catch one of 100 available Pokémon at the end. With routine brushing, kids can also earn adorable decorative hats and photo stickers.  

Parental controls help to curate the experience too. You can schedule reminders so kids know when to brush and a timer from one to three minutes to set the duration. Pokémon Smile will also display helpful tips so that kids can improve their technique. 

The free app is available for download now in the App Store and Google Play. 

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