What is the ‘Poker Face’ trend on TikTok?

Lady Gaga’s classic hit “Poker Face” has inspired a new TikTok trend

The trend is less about the music and more about the transition. In the videos, TikTokers literally step on the less glamorous versions of themselves.

What is the ‘Poker Face’ transition trend on TikTok?

The creators @sadbutdoll and @robwithablog are credited with making the trend go viral this year.


for every bottom that wanted me to step on them

♬ Poker face edited by me – Bailey

In February, @sadbutdoll posted a video that began with her lip-syncing the lyrics to “Poker Face” with a boot on her head. It appeared as though someone was stepping on her while she was on her knees. But when the beat dropped, the clip transitioned to reveal @sadbutdoll — in goth glamour — was stepping on herself all along.

Similar to the “Buss It” challenge, it’s a way for TikTokers to show off their before-and-afters with an edge.

How to do the ‘Poker Face’ challenge on TikTok

If the technicals are not your forte, @robwithablog created a simple tutorial to perfect the transition. (He made his tutorial using “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado, but it works for “Poker Face” too.)

First, zoom your video in so only your head is visible, set your timer to the length of the audio clip and grab your shoe.

Hold the shoe on your head as you lip-sync the lyrics. Just before Gaga starts singing “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun,” take the shoe and slam it down across the screen so it appears you’ve been stepped on.

Then zoom out. Make any changes to your appearance you want. Put the shoe on, stomp down, change the angle and continue lip-syncing.

Some examples of the ‘Poker Face’ TikTok trend

Caitlin Warwick scored 4.5 million likes with her transition from “the girl next door” to a leather-clad baddie. 


Sorry to ruin the trend x (inspo: @sadbutdoll) #the #lord #has #arrived

♬ Poker face edited by me – Bailey

But TikTokers are known for putting unique twists on popular challenges, and @whatshername1.0 did just that. She used the transition to step on a gingerbread cookie and reveal herself cosplaying as Lord Farquaad from Shrek.


remember when i used to be too shy to take selfies in front of you @joeando

♬ Poker face edited by me – Bailey

Niamh Adkins had a meta take for her version. The transition revealed the boot on Adkins’ head was, well, just a boot on her head.

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