Police attempted to get this snake out of a car after woman called ‘hysterically’ for help

A Missouri police department attempted to get a sneaky snake out of a woman’s car after she “called hysterically needing help.”

On June 18, the Eureka Police Department shared a photo of the snake hidden next to a floor mat. The reptile had apparently found its way into the driver’s compartment when the woman discovered it while driving on Interstate 44, authorities said.

“Eureka Police are working on removing a snake from a car on I-44. Young lady driving was surprised by a snake working its way through the driver compartment,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Called hysterically needing help. We are here to help with many problems. I’m not a snake kind of guy. Good thing other officers are. Look very carefully, he is coiled up under the floor mat next to the soda bottle.”

Unfortunately, law enforcement said Eureka Police were unable to get the snake out and towed the car at the driver’s request. The good news is that the serpent eventually made its way out of the car on its own.

“The snake made the right decision and fled the vehicle,” the department wrote. “A local citizen (Out Back Ed) helped to relocate the snake to a more accepting environment. Driver has recomposed herself and back on her journey.”

The post has since gone viral, receiving over over 500 reactions and more than 200 comments.

“If this had been me in my car they’d be calling the ambulance and wrecker,” one person wrote.

“I wouldn’t be here to tell the story,” another admitted. “Maybe alive and breathing but unable to form words!!!”

According to MSN, the best way to keep snakes away from the inside of a vehicle is to keep all of the doors and windows closed. Drivers are also advised to park away from long grass or heavily wooded areas.

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