TikTok mom makes bath time fun with a pond-themed bath

This TikTok parent shared how she made the most adorable pond-themed bath for her toddler!

Celena Kinsey (@celeneakinsey) is a TikToker and stay-at-home mom who shares sweet videos of her family, along with creative activities and crafts for kids. The creative parent recently shared a video revealing how she gets her toddler excited about bath time by making him a fun, pond-themed bath.


Sometimes it’s 11 am and you need to take a pond bath 🤷🏻‍♀️ #toddlermama #pinterestmom #artsandcrafts #momhacks #momhacks101

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The video begins with a shot of Celena filling the bathtub. “Hi, it’s Celena, your pregnant stay-at-home mom, and if I could share one mom hack that has always worked for me, it’s these baths,” she explains as the tub fills. “They don’t always need to be extra like this, but I’m hoping one day when my son thinks about mom, he thinks about these themed baths that take me a few minutes to set up but provide us with so many memories.”

Once the bath is full, Celena adds a few drops of blue food coloring to the water. Then, she grabs some smooth rocks and spreads them out on the bottom of the tub to replicate the rocky bottom of a pond. 

Next, she places plastic grass alongside the edge of the tub to create the illusion of a grassy shoreline, and adds a few foam lily pads into the water. 

Celena continues decorating, adding fake flowers to the water, along with a handful of plastic animals. She places fish and ducks into the water, situates a dragonfly atop the fake grass, and even puts a plastic frog onto a lily pad.

The video ends with Celena exclaiming, “I mean, what other kid gets to take a pond-themed bath? So next time you need something quick and fun, try this out!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Celena’s pond-themed bath, and many even wanted to make the bath for themselves. 

“I’m 22 and going to take a pond-themed bath right now,” one TikToker joked. 

“I’m not a mom, nor likely to ever be one, but your activities are going to make me the coolest aunt!” wrote another appreciative TikToker. 

“My mom always made bath time fun with bubbles and toys. They are some of my favorite childhood memories,” recalled another viewer. 

Celena’s pond-themed bath is a simple way to make bath time fun for your child, and create a fun memory in the process!

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