‘Popcorn salad’ is social media’s new least favorite food trend

A new, controversial “popcorn salad” recipe has social media users completely losing their minds.

The viral recipe follows a longstanding tradition of hotly debated internet food trends. Whether it’s TikTok’s “nacho table,” microwavable Hot Cheetos mac and cheese or a Twitter user’s tuna fish hot dogs, social media users love arguing about what should and shouldn’t be food.

“Popcorn salad” is no exception. The now-viral recipe, which has been shared widely on Twitter, seemed to begin with a clip from the Food Network show Girl Meets Farm. In it, host Molly Yeh prepares a dish she describes as “so weirdly good.”

The Midwestern snack seems to be a distant cousin of pasta salad or potato salad — in that it contains a lot of mayo. Basically, the popcorn salad recipe combines white cheddar popcorn with carrots, white celery, snap peas and a sauce comprised of mayonnaise, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, shallots and Dijon mustard.

The final product looks a bit like coleslaw, with stringy veggies sprinkled around a large bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Meanwhile, the thick sauce causes Yeh’s ingredients to stick together inside the bowl.

“This is a salad you eat with a spoon,” Yeh says near the end of the clip.

As TODAY reported, recipes for popcorn salad have been around long before Yeh’s clip went viral. However, it seems as though her video brought a new level of intention — and scrutiny — to the regional dish.

Twitter users promptly freaked out over the popcorn salad recipe, calling it “disgusting,” “gross” or “weird.”

“Are you for real?” one user asked.

“They be throwing ANYTHING together with some Mayo and call it a salad,” another joked.

“Now I can’t unsee this,” another wrote.

“Sounds like a digestion problem waiting to happen,” yet another user added.

However, the recipe did have its defenders. Home chefs across the internet jumped at the chance to try the recipe themselves — including the Washington Post’s Aaron Hutcherson, who said it wasn’t necessarily deserving of the hate.

Unfortunately, there’s only one way any of us can find out ourselves.

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