The most popular food delivery orders in 2020, according to Grubhub

None of us are thrilled about reflecting on 2020, but Grubhub just released its list of the most popular foods ordered throughout quarantine and beyond.

The food delivery service industry has experienced a 20 percent growth compared to 2019 and, based on gross sales, Grubhub is the largest online delivery service. According to Grubhub’s blog, “more than half a million orders” are placed daily.

With all that information, Grubhub does have some insight into trends throughout the U.S. It makes the world seem a lot smaller when you realize someone in San Francisco is obsessed with ordering the same sag paneer you also love (sag paneer orders in the Bay Area increased by 389 percent).

Here’s what everyone’s been ordering this year.

Biggest increases in popularity (food):

  1. Spicy chicken sandwiches went up 299 percent.
  2. Plant-based burgers went up 291 percent.
  3. Chili orders went up 228 percent.
  4. Cinnamon rolls were 205 percent more popular.
  5. Potato tacos went up 169 percent.

That’s right, the spicy chicken sandwich craze wasn’t just limited to 2019. Vegetarian options of popular orders — burgers and tacos — also increased.

Grubhub reported that orders for mushroom burgers, in particular, shot up 150 percent in New York City. Meanwhile, fried mushrooms were super popular in Houston, with orders increasing by 238 percent.

Biggest increases in popularity (drinks):

  1. Vanilla milkshakes went up 273 percent.
  2. Iced lattes went up 261 percent.
  3. Cold brew orders increased by 232 percent.
  4. Taro milk tea became 168 percent more popular.

It’s good to see that people are treating themselves to milkshakes more often. Of course, working from home and dealing with shelter-in-place orders couldn’t stop people from getting their daily coffees in whatever form they prefer.

Although these numbers seem enormous, the U.S. still isn’t the biggest food delivery market — that’s China, where the industry is valued at around $51.5 million.

According to US Foods, customers have very specific likes and needs when it comes to food delivery services. On average, 40 minutes is the longest “acceptable wait” for delivery.

In the same study, 60 percent of deliverers said that low tips or no tips were their biggest issue with food delivery. Particularly throughout the pandemic, tipping has continued to be an issue.

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