Popular TikToker shares his top three foods that cost only $1

TikTok user The Feast Kings (@feastkings) shared his favorite foods to eat that cost only $1, and they look so delicious!

The popular food TikToker, who describes himself as “the king of food and feasting,” often visits different restaurants, where he creates videos of the different delicious foods on the menu. While many of his videos profile upscale or expensive foods, the TikToker recently shared a video profiling some of his favorite foods that cost only a dollar!

The video begins with a caption that reads, “Top 3 things to eat for $1.” Beneath the caption, there is a shot of the TikToker’s hands holding a gooey chocolate chip cookie. The TikToker slowly breaks the cookie in half to reveal melted chocolate on the inside.

Then, the video cuts away from the cookie, and the top three countdown list begins, starting with “#3. Pizza.” The camera zooms in on a cheesy pepperoni pizza pie. The pie is cut into square slices and sprinkled with herbs. The cheese on the pizza is perfectly melted, and beneath it you can see a hint of marinara sauce peeking out. 

Next up is “#2. Mac & Cheese.” On a table sits a small cup of mac ‘n’ cheese from Chick-fil-A. The TikToker dips his fork into the mac ’n’ cheese and loads it with a few pieces of cheesy pasta. The pasta sauce is creamy, with a few bits of crispy toasted cheese crust. 

Finally, the TikToker reveals his top pick for “Top 3 things to eat for $1.” It’s the chocolate chip cookie from the first shot. In this shot, the cookie sits in a box, unbroken. Slightly melted chocolate chips dot the top of the cookie. The camera moves around to show different angles on the cookie, from its soft center to its crispy edges. 

“How is that $1?”

Viewers were shocked by how delicious the inexpensive foods looked. 

“How is that $1?” one incredulous TikToker wrote. 

“My school lunch is $20 and looks nothing like that,” another viewer complained.

“That cookie looks delicious,” commented another TikToker.

Unfortunately, the TikToker did not share where their $1 foods could be found. But it’s encouraging to know that there is plenty of delicious food out there that also happens to be affordable!

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