Woman shares the ‘brilliant’ way she stopped an alleged porch pirate from stealing her neighbor’s package

A woman is going viral on TikTok thanks to her advice for “de-escalating” encounters with potential porch pirates.

The praiseworthy tip comes courtesy of user @thisandthat_420, who goes by the name Dra online. Her clip describes how a spur-of-the-moment decision led to her saving a neighbor’s package from a possible thief.

Dra says she was entering her apartment when she encountered a man she’d never seen before. The man was trying to lift a large box, which was seemingly addressed to her neighbor, Nicole.

The TikToker was worried there was something sketchy going on. But instead of freaking out, she remained calm as she confronted the man.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, hey! Do you need help? Are you here helping Nicole?'” she said, reenacting the exchange.


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Dra said the man reacted strangely, so she doubled down and said she too would help with the package. Furthermore, she told him that her neighbor Nicole was on her way down.

All the while, the man was allegedly “inching” the package further away from the building. By now, he’d made it across the street. So Dra kept talking to him.

“I was just trying to buy some time,” she said. “I was like, what is this guy doing? Can you please stop? But I can’t just accuse him.”

She eventually grabbed hold of the package, acting like she wanted to help him carry it. As the man kept pulling it away from the building, she held her ground.

“I was like, ‘I don’t think this is the right direction, we need to go back this way,'” she said.

After another awkward exchange, the man eventually gave up. At the end of the clip, Dra confirmed that the package was in fact meant for her neighbor.

“My neighbor now has her table,” she said. “And it was never escalated.”

Dra drew plenty of praise for how she handled the situation. Many argued that her story was sound advice for others in the same situation.

“This is excellent de-escalation,” one user wrote.

“Anti-escalation queen!!” another added. “Mad respect that you handled this and didn’t get police involved, you’re a great neighbor.”

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