Woman confronts stranger who was lurking on her porch

A woman shared a bone-chilling interaction she had with a complete stranger on her own front porch.

TikTok user @sarahyvonnee posted the horrifying footage on April 30, and it has since been viewed more than 8.5 million times.


called for my inner karen but my scared shakey voice came out instead

♬ original sound – hi there

“May I help you?” she asked an unknown figure standing on her porch in the video. “Why are you flashing your lights in here? Why are you on the property?”

In the text displayed over the video, @sarahyvonnee explained that a man was in her backyard flashing his lights into all of her windows before wandering over to the porch, where he stood for 10 minutes before she confronted him.

“I’m your neighbor, hun,” the stranger said in response.

“I do not know this man,” she wrote.

When she pressed the stranger to explain what he was doing on her porch, he said he was looking at her deck.

“This isn’t your home,” @sarahyvonnee said. He agreed. She asked him to stop shining his light at her.

“Well that’s not very neighborly,” he responded.

“Neither is what you’re doing right now, it’s extremely inappropriate—” she asserted, before being cut off by the stranger, who said something unintelligible and began to leave the porch.

Her fellow TikTok users were deeply disturbed.

“Creepiest thing ever,” one wrote.

“That man was going to harm you, 1000%,” another said.

“I feel like that’s right out of a horror movie,” a third remarked.

Dozens of commenters urged her to contact the authorities and to drop any politeness if this were to happen again, and @sarahyvonnee confirmed to one user that she bought a security camera in case he comes back

In a follow-up video, she let everyone know that she’s safe.

“Thank you … I hear you. There are a lot of opinions on what I should have done … but I am safe,” she said.

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