Get yourself a portable neck fan to keep cool anywhere, anytime

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Whether you want to cool off at the beach, on a hike, at work, or if you’re just trying to survive a heatwave, a portable fan can be helpful. Specifically, you need to consider the JISULIFE portable neck fan.

Laugh all you want, but a battery-operated neck fan will keep you cool all summer long. It’s totally hands-free, so you can go on with your day while feeling a cool breeze on your neck and around your face. And its protective design won’t suck in your hair or clothing, so anyone can use it.

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan, $36.99

Credit: Amazon

Of course, with a fan hanging around your neck, you might be concerned about noise or weight. However, the fan is so quiet, the product description says you can still hear your own breath. And as for weight, it only weighs 9.1 ounces, which is nearly half a pound.

There are three wind speeds, too. On the lowest level, the battery will last up to 16 hours, and on the highest, it will last up to 4 hours.

The JISULIFE portable neck fan is an Amazon best-seller (it’s actually the online retailer’s number-one selling personal fan), and over 3,000 shoppers give it a five out of five-star rating.

“Definitely would buy again!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I work in a distribution warehouse and it gets really hot during the summer. Add a face mask onto that and it’s miserable. Well, this fan helps a lot. It has no fan blades, so your hair doesn’t get wrapped up in it like others. This fan is super quiet. You can hear someone talking to you or computers beeping.”

Another reviewer shared how they use it at the gym. “I walk on the treadmill for about an hour a day at the fitness place. Due to COVID, the overhead fans have been turned off, and I was getting overheated while walking. I bought this neck fan and it has really improved my quality of life on the treadmill. It has three speeds, which is nice. I use it every day. I recharge it about every five times I use it.”

And finally, if you need more confirmation that it’s worth the buy, one reviewer shared where exactly the fan blows. “OK, so it looks a little ‘dorky’ and I was pretty convinced I didn’t want anyone to see me wearing this. And then I tried it… it works exactly as intended and described. I am SO happy with the way this product keeps cool air blowing around my neck, up into my hair and on the sides of my face.”

Get the neck fan in navy, dark green or light grey for only $36.99 on Amazon. You’ll be happy you did when you don’t have sweat rolling down your forehead or soaking the back of your hair.

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