Portrait mode ruins traveler’s photo of erupting volcano

One woman’s TikTok has launched an interesting debate about the pros and cons of taking photos in Portrait mode vs. landscape. It’s also led a few people to share some little-known iPhone editing tricks that you may not have heard about yet.

“Men will be men,” wrote Katie (@backpackingbabble) in her recent TikTok caption.

The accompanying images show the TikToker on a solo trip through Guatemala, where she was hiking one day in a group before stopping to take a photo. Directly across from the mountain range she was on was an erupting volcano known as the Acatenango. So, being a tourist, she took out her phone to snap a photo.

But instead of just capturing the volcano on its own or trying to get herself into a selfie with the incredible sight, she asked a man in her hiking group if he could capture her standing alongside it.

The man was more than game, but when Katie got her phone back, she was immediately kind of bummed.

All of the photos he took were done in Portrait mode, as opposed to landscape, which cuts out significant parts of the image on either side. And while there are differing theories as to which angle is better, it’s clear from Katie’s post that she is not a fan of the portrait look.

Apparently, a lot of other women agreed.

“this is why i always take my tripod with me,” one TikToker wrote in the comments.

“I hate portrait mode,” said someone else. “I never want portrait mode, if I wanted a background blur I would have taken the picture at home.”

“You gotta ask a girl who’s with a bf to do it,” added another person. “Because between the two of them one will be decent and take it good.”

Others also agreed that this seems to be a man vs. woman thing when it comes to preferences.

“So my bf isn’t the only man obsessed with portrait mode?? Thank god,” quipped one person.

Meanwhile, a lot of people couldn’t see what the big deal was.

“That’s a pretty awesome photo tho!” one person told her.

“If you prefer a certain way of taking the photo just ask him to do it that way??” someone else wondered.

Later on in the post, after it went super viral, Katie herself jumped into the comments section and tried to calm everyone down.

“He wasn’t a stranger and it is clearly a joke,” the influencer wrote at the time. However, the post went on to earn 2.6 million views, and not everyone who sees it assumes it’s a “joke.” In fact, a lot of people have even pointed out that if she doesn’t like portrait mode, she can undo it, even after the photo is taken.

“You can turn of the portraitmode afterwards when you click on edit,” one person told her.

“If it’s an iPhone. Edit the photo, change the f/stop(Top) to F16 or similar and it will unblur the background,” said someone else. “You’re welcome.”

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